“HIYA” by MILAN Band: On Being Kinder than Necessary

Isn’t it hard to listen to a lively, peppy song when the message hits hard, stabbing your very core because it tells an unshakeable truth? Yet you’d still want to listen because you’re already hooked! And “HIYA by MILAN is like that.

But first, let’s watch this WISHCLUSIVE video of MILAN’s performance via the Pambansang Wish Bus:

Just in case, you are asking …

Milan is the front man of the 90’s Bicol band Blah, which released one album under Warner Philippines. Often compared to the younger, energetic rock-star Bamboo, Milan has his own signature musicianship and passion.

Milan (whose real name is Hammilan Pavoreal) now leads MILAN Band.

After my Facebook newsfeed’s been flooded by MILAN’s latest performance on the Wish Bus, I suddenly found myself grabbing my laptop and search where this guy’s been.

And there I found this Medium.com article by Stacey Tee-Bagang, telling us where he’s performing with his band and who he’s impressing.

Not the least, he’s a sensation in Brazil and made quite a mark, particularly in the eyes of a Brazilian musician, Zeca Petry. Check out Milan’s performance and Zeca’s FB status about Milan’s fiery performance.


Here’s Petry’s Facebook post in Brazilian Portuguese translated in English:

“…the music coming from the interior caught my attention. They were world classics of the Beatles, Bee Gees, Queen, etc. I was impressed to see that it was being executed by a live band. The restaurant is run by Filipinos and all the musicians are also Filipinos…”
“…the people that frequented the restaurant applauded with cries of “Bravo” (myself included). I confess that I’ve never seen anything like it in restaurants in the city and
deserves to be known…”
“Incredible sound quality and the talent of the guys.”

On the Message of the Song

HIYA’s melodies may be infectiously joyous, and at times, adventurous. But the message tells us a reality that we do or sometimes suffer, or feel guilty being a party of — being an unjust judger.

We sometimes (or more than we’re ashamed to admit) judge people based on their disabilities, color, race, gender, abilities or size, but you know this is 100% wrong.

On this note and not to sound preachy, but isn’t it nice if to remember to never, never judge people simply based on their physical appearances, or even attitude and sometimes weaknesses, because we never know what kind of battle they are fighting.

‘Hiya’ of Milan kind of reminded me of a quote from the novel, “Wonder” that: “It’s not enough to be kind. One should be kinder than needed.”

And if there’s any song that should come as a counterpart track to David Guetta’s ‘Titanium”, it should be this.


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