Come Support and Turn This ‘Wish Bus’ LEGO Set Into a Reality

It’s a known fact that LEGO is good at doing official spin-offs of popular movie franchises and animated feature films like Star Wars, Tron: Legacy, and a whole lot more.

But did you know that LEGO is finally letting anybody, well, I mean anyone with the dream, imagination, and creativity, submit proposals for LEGO playsets?

Called LEGO Ideas, any submitted LEGO set project, especially those that gain traction, can eventually be turned into legit sets that the fandom can buy in toy stores and online shops!

And an official Wish Bus LEGO set could be coming our way if everything goes to plan. Thanks to LEGO enthusiast and hobbyist Mark Gotidoc who comes out with with a proposal to the LEGO Idea website.

image2 (1)

Sir Mark describes the Wish Bus LEGO playset as:

The Wish Bus is a bus from a radio station from the Philippines that roam around the metro. In the Bus they feature singers who sing their songs live while the people outside could listen.

The bus is known worldwide for some of the artists are so good that they go viral around the world.




The creator brought his LEGO Wish Bus creation to the recently-concluded ABRICKADABRA convention, to help promote it.

The convention exhibited unique and fascinating LEGO creations of Filipinos, including the playset version of the Pambansang BUs of Wish 107.5.

How to Support

All for the Wish Bus LEGO set to turn into a reality is 10,000 supporters before the set enters through the next stage of appraisal. At the time that I am writing this blog post, Wish Bus’s LEGO project idea has garnered 1,620 supporters, with 597 days left for Wish supporters to cast their votes.

So my invitation to all, head on over the Wish Bus LEGO Project page and show your love. Seriously, yeah, you, me and everybody got to help convince LEGO that this is a set that they should consider developing at LEGO Ideas. Here is the link to the Wish Bus LEGO Idea Page:

What’s Next after 10K Votes

Garnering 10K support votes does not automatically convince LEGO to make the Wish Bus a real play-set. There’s still some review process that it will have to pass through.

First, it will have to be approved following a review by the board of set of designers and marketing representatives.

Once the mini Wish Bus receives the nod of the board, the next stage will be the production of the Pambansang Wish Bus into a real toy.

Once all these stages have been passed by Mark Gotidoc’s idea, we can automatically all heave a huge sigh of relief and wait for the playset shipped to our favorite shops and online stores and let us buy one.

For a more extensive explanation of how the LEGO Idea works, see the video below:

So go, let’s help make this happen, Wishers!


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