Want to be the Next Social Media Star on Mainstream TV? Check This Out!


If you are a vlogger, blogger and social media influencer who wants to extend your reach to your fans beyond Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, well, here is your chance!

Social TV or STV, which is aired via digital television like ABS-CBN’s TV Plus DTTV and Wow Digital TV box, will let you broadcast yourself on mainstream television for FREE. Yes, you read it correctly: Free airtime on mainstream TV!

Short filmmakers and multimedia artists with creative works to showcase are also encouraged to send their materials.

No network has done this before and obviously one of the most unique and innovative concepts to come around in the midst of seamless integration of tri-media and social media.

For a short background about STV, it is a Philippine television channel that features content including vlogs, trends, DIY videos and viral videos about the kinds of topics you fell for and share via social media.

What you need to do? Just send to the Social TV team’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts your photos, videos and also links to your online presence. It might also help giving them an insight about your followers, demographics and genre.

Facebook: @STV.socialtv
Twitter: @STVsocialtv
Instagram: @STV.socialtv



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