Congratulations to Wish 107.5 for Reaching 2 Million Subscribers!

Well done, Wish 107.5!

Just a week after they held Wish Music Awards 2018, here is another breakthrough that this FM radio station achieved on Youtube – the FM station now has TWO MILLION STRONG SUBSCRIBERS!

The Youtube subscriber milestone was reached at around 9 PM of January 23, 2018 (PHT). Netizens awaited for this to happen, so as soon as the station broke the two million subscriber ceiling, almost everyone celebrated!

A Glorious Three Years

For just three years, Wish 107.5 has been in the forefront giving up-and-coming OPM artists and musicians the platform that will best allow them to showcase their amazing talent to the world stage.

Then their wish of bringing the breakthrough Wish Bus to Hollywood is just waiting for the right timing to launch. And this is yet another “proud Pinoy” moment that fans are waiting for to unfold.

Kudos to BMPI CEO and President Kuya Daniel Razon for being generous in sharing with every Filipino his humble wish — to launch this FM radio station that fulfills wishes of the hearts.

You have been an inspiration to all of us, Kuya Daniel, for teaching us the value of doing things sincerely.

Kudos, Wish 107.5!


Wish 107.5 announced that it plans to hold a mini celebration of sorts in connection to this breakthrough, on February 2.

On its website, it says:

To celebrate this milestone, Wish 107.5 is set to fulfill 2 million peso-worth of wishes. The wishes will be selected from theWishing Walls that were put up in different malls, schools and other establishments across the country.



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