8 Things You Might Not Know About UNTV

UNTV News and Rescue, “UNTV” for short, is an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) channel with 24-hour programming.


Under the CEO and President Kuya Daniel Razon, the station has heightened the channel’s public service offering, advocacies and original programming to delight audiences of all ages and help as many people as possible.

More than its fair share of award-winning shows and multi-awarded hosts, there are other things the 13 year-old station does massively and humbly thatyou might not know yet the station has been tirelessly doing. UNTV is turning 14 this 2018.

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Tulong Muna Bago Balita

Unorthodox, perhaps. But “Tulong Muna Bago Balita” is one of the best examples of an original idea turned into reality by the always innovative BMPI-UNTV CEO and President Kuya Daniel Razon. When the rest of mainstream media flourishes for breaking news first, Razon turned a different route and showed the path to where modern journalism should be modeled, dictated by his concern to pay more attention to saving lives.

“Our fellowmen are more important than anything else, more than getting and delivering news,” said Razon in 2010 when the journalism code was established. The ubiquitious presence of trained journalists and rescuers are felt and demanded more and more in a society where viewers already grew tired of hearing and seeing bad reportage.

Drone Journalism


If you are seeing other mainstream local media networks use drone in shaping news, there’s only UNTV’s Kuya Daniel Razon to thank for. He is the one who debuted this breakthrough in broadcast journalism, which reached the radar of Tech in Asia after Yugatech reported it. The veteran journalist wants to use drone technology in rescue operations, apart from news reporting, because the Philippines is often hit by natural disasters.

The online tech magazine Tech in Asia hopes that UNTV’s use of drone in news reporting “can also set the stage for more organizations in the country to consider using drones for disaster recovery measures.” 


The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on June 5, 2018, granted UNTV an Operator Certificate of Registration license, making the media outfit the first Philippine TV network to have complied with all the requirements of CAAP.

UNTV reported that it currently holds three licenses:

  1. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) Controller – Certificate of Registration (license for drone pilots)
  2. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) Certificate of Registration (license for drone units)
  3. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) Operator Certificate of Registration (company license)

Good Morning Kuya/Get it Straight with Daniel Razon


The morning magazine show Good Morning Kuya is not like anything you’ve watched from other magazine programs. It was unique for introducing the low-key segment that will appeal to the masses, Pondahan. There is a set-up of a sari-sari store where people gather and talk about the affairs of the day from politics and then they sing a song that comes out more like an editorial of the day. There is also the homey ambiance where the hosts discuss day-to-day concerns and other matters while eating their breakfast for the day.

During its earlier years, GMK integrates public charity segments, such as the Clinic ni Kuya, Botika ni Kuya, Libreng Sakay and the likes. Since the size and demand for public service cannot be accommodated in just a few hours, they then expanded their charitable effort by launching outreach missions in metropolitan baranggays and in far-flung provinces.


On the other hand, Get It Straight With Daniel Razon is a public affairs program that deals with the hottest issues through interviews with top government officials and personalities.

The show was also instrumental in ensuring the Department of Education (DepEd) receive the most help for its outreach missions in remote provinces called “Dunong Gulong.” UNTV, together with support from the Ang Dating Daan host, Bro. Eli Soriano, donated two brand new buses for the mobile school program of the Education Department. The buses are equipped with big plasma TV monitor, projector, a mini-library, comfort room, and sleeping quarters for the teachers.

Public Service Channel


Since it started, all UNTV shows including news programs have incorporated public service, but it was in July 2010 that it ultimately made “Your Public Service Channel” the station’s core brand.

Munting Pangarap (Small Dream) and Serbisyong Kasangbahay are two flagship public service-focused shows of the station.

Conceptualized and launched by Kuya Daniel, the UNTV CEO is as the leading light behind the endeavor of giving impoverished individuals a new start at life (Munting Pangarap) and alleviating their medical, legal and other social needs (Serbisyong Kasangbahay), respectively.

In the end, both programs aim to help people live a decent life and inspire others to do the same. Other public affairs programs include Pulis @ Ur Serbis, 911-UNTV 8688, Rotary in Action, among others.


Moreover, UNTV presents its Repaso end-of-the-year coverage annually that is packed with emergency response and charitable efforts, from gift-giving to the homeless, indigents and physically-challenged individuals to providing rescue efforts.

Lest we forget, the station started the many FREE SERVICES for the masses, which include the Free Medical, Legal, and Dental services, Free Transport Rides, Transient Home, free medicines, free haircut for male, and processing assistance of government services such as SSS, GSIS, and PAG-IBIG.

Partner for Change


Despite its humble position among some of the major broadcasting corporations in the Philippines, UNTV is the only one with the biggest heart. Not only that, it has proven time and again that it is reliable and dependable in times of need. Like a true friend who’s always there in times of need, the station is a true partner for change in society.

To its fellow comrades in the media, UNTV has been advocating genuine help and support for the families of the victims of extrajudicial killings in the country. It mounted Test Broadcast 1 in 2006, a benefit concert fro the valiant journalists killed because of their selfless service to the country.

In Test Broadcast 2 in 2009, UNTV gathered journalists and broadcasters to acknowledge and bestow lifetime achievement awards to deserving journalists, both alive and at rest. This event was organized as a symbol of the country’s cry for justice for the 52 murdered media people, most of whom are journalists, in the Maguindanao, Mindanao Massacre. Kuya Daniel also launched through UNTV a regular medical assistance outreach to the members of the Movie Writers Welfare Foundation (MWWF) and National Press Club (NPC).


For the valiant heroes of Mamasapano and Marawi, members of the AFP and PNP, UNTV organized Songs for Heroes concerts. The proceeds of the concerts were used to help the families of the bereaved soldiers and those who need support for the hospitalization of the wounded soldiers.

UNTV cup

UNTV promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie among government officials, basketball pioneers and politicians through its benefit basketball league, UNTV Cup. For nearly a decade, the project has been instrumental in helping the chosen charitable institutions of the winning teams every seasonal and off-seasonal championships.


OPM is once again alive and vibrant. And we have UNTV to thank for for its unwavering support of local musicians and musical artists for giving them the platform to showcase their musical artistry and musical creativity. Through the A Song of Praise Music Festival, local songwriters are given the opportunity to compose praise songs that will be performed by some of the country’s top performers in big venues like the SMART-Araneta Coliseum.


UNTV also awards scholarship grants through its Free Education Project. Kuya Daniel Razon, together with Bro. Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan founded the La Verdad Christian College in Caloocan City and Apalit, Pampanga to give chances to poor and deserving students. Scholars are also given free uniform, free lunch, free books and miscellaneous items they need in class.

Anak TV Seal-Stamped Shows


Anak TV seal is an emblem that signifies programs that feature content that promote good morals benefitting young viewers.
UNTV shows are not only kid-friendly, UNTV shows are informative, inspiring and incorporate public service that elevates mainstream television programming to new heights.

Among the Anak TV awardees include the magazine show, Good Morning Kuya, KNC Show, Munting Pangarap, Itanong Mo Kay Soriano and Truth in Focus.

Kuya Daniel Razon


The veteran broadcast journalist is the youngest recipient of the KBP Lifetime Achievement Award last 2017, which is the media industry’s way of saying they appreciated the contributions of the UNTV CEO and President.

Kuya Daniel Razon was also awarded by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines during its 2011 Commencement Exercises for Kuya Daniel’s humanitarian efforts and advocacy for change, which he carries out through UNTV.

What Kuya Daniel Razon did and has been doing through journalism in the television channel cannot be measured in terms of money. Yet this is commitment that is above and beyond charity because there is no CEO like him today in the local broadcast media that looks at what he’s doing to UNTV as a duty to serve people.

He is not a politician but he sets an example for public servants to follow. He walks what he talks. What we now is that UNTV’s trailblazing in terms of innovation and philanthropy and I am sure that we’re yet to see more of the innovative ideas of Kuya Daniel in the coming years, God willing.


Kuya Daniel Razon was honored by MEGA Magazine as their The New PH Awardee 2018 for Music, during its #MEGAMillennialBall event held on June 12, 2018. MEGA calls Kuya Daniel’s Wish 107.5 as “simple albeit genius concept that has propelled Wish 107.5 to a pop culture phenomenon.”

Bro Eli Soriano and Ang Dating Daan


The International Televangelist is the host of the phenomenal religious rogram Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). Bro. Eli Soriano and the religious organization he serves, the Members Church of God International (MCGI), relentlessly support the advocacies and charitable projects of Kuya Daniel Razon via UNTV News and Rescue.

From mobilizing students to participate in “Brigada Eskwela” clean-up drives, encouraging members to volunteer their services to the medical, legal and dental outreaches of the station, the Ang Dating Daan group are full force when it comes to sharing their time and heart to support the Public Service Channel.

Last quarter of 2017, Ang Dating Daan celebrated its 37th anniversary and it focused on mounting public service after public service in various locations in the country and abroad.


The Bible verse, Titus 2:14 mirrors what the Ang Dating Daan is doing.

I must admit, the eight (8) things I listed here are so few to sum up everything that UNTV does and has been doing since it launched its “Your Intelligent Alternative” branding when it started.

How about you, please comment below what UNTV shows, advocacies and public service efforts you think some people may not know yet about the public service channel.  


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    1. They also conduct regular blood letting activity. This project is absolutely commendable for the obvious reason it extends lives of hundreds of people who need blood everyday.
      Kudos UNTV News and Rescue.
      May God always bless you. ❤

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