CES 2018: Will Vivo Unveil the Vivo X20 Plus UD from Tech’s Biggest Show

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Vivo is one of the biggest tech companies to participate in this year’s CES or Consumer Technology Association this year at Las Vegas, Nevada, hinting at a new mobile technology it is set to unveil there. 

The global smartphone brand said it will showcase the Vivo In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology with its global partner Synaptics.

Vivo’s exhibit will feature the brand’s first ready-to-produce smartphone featuring an industry-leading in-display fingerprint sensor supported by Synaptics.

“The Vivo phone to use this leading technology and its availability will be announced in early 2018,” it said in a statement.

Why Vivo Will Participate in CES 2018?

It is just part of the brand’s effort to maintain its position in the global mobile phone arena.

“Vivo constantly innovates and improves user experience through the maintenance of its six research and development centers, continuously improving their products and exceeding their competitors in more ways than one.”

As of the moment, Vivo will not reveal what it will launch, but rumors are spreading fast that it is set to unveil the new Vivo X20 Plus UD. It is the only such phone from the smartphone maker to come with the first under glass fingerprint technology, according to GizChina.

Known for Many Firsts

Vivo is known for its many firsts:

  1. One of the firsts to launch phones with a 24MP front facing camera, the Vivo V7 and the V7+
  2. The first to install a dedicated Hi-Fi quality audio chip in a smartphone, the Vivo X1
  3. The first to launch a 20MP dual front camera smartphone, the Vivo V5 Plus

What is CES?

CES 2018

CES is an assembly of global brands and companies which thrive on consumer technologies.

It has served as a global stage for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years. The gathering will be held at Las Vegas in Nevada, USA.

For more about VIVO, check them out in the following

  1. Vivo website at www.vivo.com/ph 
  2. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VivoPhil)
  3. Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/vivophil/), and
  4. Twitter (https://twitter.com/vivo_phil)



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