Puthers, Listen Up: Charlie Puth & Boyz II Men Team Up for If You Leave Me Now”

Multi-nominated Grammy artist Charlie Puth. (Photo: Warner Music/Catie Laffoon)

While you may still giving a spin to “Attention” and follow-up “How Long”, two record-smashing hits from Atlantic recording artist Charlie Puth, the crooner broke a bad news on social media recently.

Puth said that while Voicenotes was expected to be released in just a few days (January 19), he’s decided to push back the debut later this year. “I’m producing this album all myself and with that comes a lot of work, and in my opinion, the album is not perfect yet,” he explained.

And to make up for the bad news, he’s dropped a new track — the third single from his sophonmore LP, Voicenotes.

A warning for his over a million fans though, still there? The arrival of “If You Leave Me Now” may not be something you’ve been waiting from the pop singer.

Featuring no less than Boyz II Men, expect some smooth R&B harmonizing for the new, self-produced single titled, “If You Leave Me Now.” So it’s surely unlike anything he’s produced before because with the industry legends onboard, the completely a capella tunes is something worth taking into your iTunes as this might grow on you.

While the first two singles from the Voicenotes project featured infectious dance tunes, the fresh single looks like it spells a return to the R&B empires. Having said so, this single mirrors some maturity and growth on Puth’s part. He’s probably concerned not just being able to write and produce songs that are highly-accessible pieces of music and widely appealing to his fans because Puth is probably setting his eyes towards an even loftier goals this time around. He, perhaps to make this shift as soon as now.

Let’s say, this new single sounds promising as Charlie himself described it as “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written”. Of course his legions of fans believe they do. With a fan base that’s primarily comprised of young women, the new track should make it to the charts and charm his way to entice older listeners as well who will snap up his songs and albums as well.

We only have the best of wishes for this young musician because we’re expecting a lot for this promising 26-year-old singer-songwriter to come up with a slew of some major major breakout hits in the future.

So go give the collaboration a try below:

Now, let’s look back at some of his vital hits:




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