Want to Become a Star Blogger or Vlogger? Learn How to Make Your Own Mobile Production Studio with Kuya Daniel

These days, brands and marketing companies find bloggers and vloggers – video bloggers, who usually use Youtube – to promote their products or services. These companies do send sample products to be reviewed and/or given away for competitions.

With more and more bloggers and vloggers mushrooming, there now appears a more intense competition to meet the requirements of advertisers and audience to come up with quality and polished digital content.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 9.12.26 PM.png

Thanks to this episode of Good Morning Kuya, the flagship morning program of UNTV, Kuya Daniel Razon, the multi-awarded veteran broadcast journalist who’s also a techie himself and an innovator, shared his tips on how to convert your iPad into your own portable broadcasting studio.

In the video, Kuya Daniel demonstrated what would be needed to initiate the setup for his mini production studio, which he plans to use for shooting for his morning show.

What You Need for Your Mini Production Studio Setup

  • A Padcaster for the iPad which will serve as the frame for the iPad.
  • Your iPad. In his own setup, Kuya Daniel said he uses the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.
  • The parrot teleprompter for vlogger to read his or her script. He said that a small smartphone can be attached here as well.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 9.13.52 PM.png

  • A small tripod. Kuya Daniel uses his own small DJI tripod.
  • A small spotlight for extra light. He uses a mini LED, which is battery-operated (you will need four Double A batteries here).
  • To complete the setup, he added an external microphone with two jacks – one, for your earphones while the second one, for the microphone.
Padcaster for iPad Production Setup by Kuya Daniel Razon
Here’s now your own mobile production studio for vlogging! (Screenshot from Youtube Channel of UNTV News and Rescue).

Voila! You now have your own mobile vlogger production setup!

The KBP Lifetime Achievement awardee of 2017 said you can use this mini setup for creating your own Youtube videos, mini documentaries or anything you want to use this setup for.

But one last thing! Kuya Danel suggested to write your own script, which will help make doing your production easier.

The Advantages

Compared to just using your iPhone, Galaxy Note 8 or Huawei 10 Pro for shooting your next vlog, this setup is incredible for a lot of reasons.

First, using an iPad for shooting is more stable when you’re a vlogger who’s fond of walking and roaming around.

The simple setup allows you to just throw your Padcaster frame with your iPad on a tripod, shoot your funny or awesome video, then Wi-Fi it, post it, then you’re off and good to go!

How about editing? There’s a lot of video editing suites around, but you can use Apple’s iMovie, of course because that’s available already in your iPad.

That’s all! By now, am waiting for the next vlog of Kuya Daniel. For the meantime, you can follow him on Instagram @kdr708.



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