ChatSauce Gets on Your Browsers

These are exciting times for ChatSauce lovers everywhere! Our favorite remarkable instant messaging app for Android and iOS users is now testing its web version, a welcome step that we’e all been waiting for.

Since I have been following ChatSauce since its launch in October, the web version is one of the features I am most excited about. More than its chat and text features, it is the video calling that made me shift to this app from other communication tools I am using in the past like Viber and Skype.

ChatSauce in Desktop
The web version of the instant messaging app is now in beta.

The predominantly mobile ChatSauce app is the latest innovation of VSIONTEQ, a Singapore-based mobile app company.

To visit the web version, click

To login, you may scan the QR code or enter the mobile number you registered in the mobile app version. When you enter your mobile number, ChatSauce will send you a verification code to enter in order to enter the instant messaging tool.

ChatSauce in desktop

As in mobile, you can find the same features you love in the desktop version: 1) Profile, 2) Stickers!, 3) Your Groups, and 4) Contacts, among others.

Find out what are the 7 reasons you’ll love ChatSauce here.


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