Vivo Just Inks A Deal with Qualcomm Worth US$4-Billion

Under Display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning Solution
Vivo showcased its Qualcomm-based Under Display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning Solution during the MWC Shanghai 2017. (Image: Vivo)

Vivo just recently inked a $4-billion tie-up with Qualcomm, one of its key partners, a move it says will bolster its top position in the mobile phone industry.

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning

The agreement that Vivo and Qualcomm signed last November 9, will strengthen both companies’ technical partnership and patent sharing.

Vivo, more than anything, needs to keep its top position in the smartphone sector and continue to deliver innovative and cutting-edge technologies, particularly in mobile photography, gaming, smart power saving and more.

For its part, Vivo will continue to work with Qualcomm on R&D in the biometrics space with the debut of its Vivo Under Display fingerprint scanning solution at the Mobile World Congress last July.

The innovative fingerprint solution is based on Qualcomm fingerprint sensors, which didn’t disappoint so the Chinese smartphone maker plans to continuously work on other technologies, like 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, iris scanning and other biometric innovations.

Vivo 5G Bid

Moreover, with the emergence of 5G, Vivo is looking closely into the significance of human-computer interaction in the 21st century world and has planned a series of collaborative initiatives to accelerate the formulation of 5G standards.

According to Vivo, it will share with Qualcomm its expertise market experience in developing 5G SoC (System on Chip). The aim is to ensure that users get to satisfactorily experience this innovation.

European and African Markets Push

To keep its leadership in technology application and consumer insights, working with global partners has always been one of its top strategies.

In October 20, Vivo officially headwayed into Hong Kong and looks unstoppable in expanding to other markets. Next stop for the Chinese smartphone brand will be Taiwan and Singapore.

So, it sure looks like Qualcomm’s there to help Vivo enter the European and African markets with the latest MOU. Russia, being Vivo’s first foray into the European market, followed by a push into the African market will be next for the company in early 2018.

Impressive enough, in just a span of less than two years, Vivo has found a well-deserved spot in a highly-competitive global arena of mobile smart phones both locally and abroad because of its innovative line of phones that are easy on the pocket.

Vivo’s Philippine Presence

Vivo, a young leading global smartphone brand, has been making waves in the country since it first hit Philippine market in March 29, 2016.

Since its entry into the local scene, the topnotch brand has vied with other strong phone brands and has proven its developing dominion amongst Filipino smart phone enthusiasts.

Surely, Vivo knows the smartphone landscape is more competitive as ever. After debuting in the Philippines in March 29, last year, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer continues to make waves in the local market following the release of its mid-range phones to capture the millennial demographics.

Just this September, it launched the 24-megapixel Vivo V7+ to up the ante in selfie trend while also joining the bezel-less bandwagon.


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