Jack Ma’s Right! PH Internet ‘No Good” and This Speedtest Report Proves It!

Jack Ma in the Philippines
Jack Ma, founder of The Alibaba Group, is in the country for a series of talks. Screengrabbed from DLSU Live Youtube Channel

When no less than billionaire online entrepreneur slash maverick Jack Ma says the Philippines’ internet speed is no good, you know you’re just right clamoring for local telcos to improve.

The Alibaba Group Founder was in the Philippines since Tuesday to speak before students at the De La Salle University and uttered the painful truth: “I arrived late last night (October 24) to test the speed of Philippine (internet). It’s no good.”

Ma called for greater private-government cooperation, saying: “I encourage government, entrepreneurs, everybody to work together toimprove speed and coverage of internet.”

Lazada Philippines

His statement cuts deep through the blame-game scenario common among local telcos, which Ma said is not anywhere near productive.

Improves a Bit But Still Slow

Fiber Optic
The Philippine internet speed lags behind its other SEA neighbors, according to Ookla Speedtest Report in September. (Image: Pixabay)

In the September Speedtest report, Ookla said that when it comes to internet speed, the Philippines remains behind some of its Southeast Asian neighbors both in wired and mobile data services.

In terms of mobile data speed, the Philippines was placed at 94 place out of 121 countries. Much faster than the 10.41 Mbps speed the country’s mobile data speed recorded in August of the same year, the September figures was at an average 11.95 Mbps.

When it comes broadband, the Philippines secured a rank of 91 spot out of 131 countries due to its 13.41 Mbps average speed recorded in September. The figure was slightly higher compared to the 13.29Mbps it registered last August, and the 8.76Mbps recorded last year.

The Philippine is company with other bottom rankers like Indonesia, Cambodia, and Laos.

Other SEA countries with faster internet speed and placed higher in the report are Singapore and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s fixed broadband speed is growing faster, its mobile data speed was decreasing.

Back to Jack Ma

The billionaire founder of Alibaba is in the country for a series of talks and to promote mobile payment system.

Ma believes that when you have a cashless society, there is “no corruption and life is easy.”

He was bestowed a Doctor of Science in Technopreneurshp by the De La Salle University. Deservingly so, his rags to riches life story has been inspiring people from both the technology and entrepreneurial circles.


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