Is the Waterproof New Kindle Oasis from Amazon the Best eReader Today?

The New Kindle Oasis is waterproof, the brightest, and thinnest e-reader device from Amazon. Photo: Amazon

There was a sort of hype brewing last night as I checked Twitter for the launch by Amazon of its new e-reader. “Kindle Oasis” was trending and fans are rejoicing its arrival because of its one amazing feature – water-repelling powers.

Waterproof aside, the just-announced Kindle Oasis comes with a number of notable upgrades in just 18 months after Amazon launched its same-named sibling. There were nearly 10 years now after Amazon debuted the first Kindle device but it definitely reigns as the e-reader leader in the market.

From day one up to now, Amazon has a startlingly amazing determination to push out new features and designs while reducing the price tag. So is the new Kindle Oasis a better than its earlier sibling?

Better than Ever

Amazon’s Audible. Source: Amazon

What observers are saying to be the most interesting feature of the new e-reader device is the deep Audible integration. For the first time, Amazon is allowing audio books support from Audible, another Amazon property. Why this is important? It means users can start reading a book and then switch over to the audio version effortlessly. When you purchase both the ebook and audio versions of the book at the same time, you can get a discount.

The New Kindle Oasis comes with Whispersynch for Voice to be able to listen to an audiobook and switch back to the textual version when you decided to.

While doing so, some will definitely look out for the 3.5mm headphone jack in the New Kindle Oasis. This feature has been removed, as well as the USB-C (which supports audio output). Amazon’s letting this feature work via Bluetooth.

Waterproof eReader

The New Kindle Oasis is a water-resistant e-reader, boasting an IPX8 grade rating. This means the Kindle Oasis device can be sunk in up to two metres of fresh water for an hour or 5 feet of water for 30 minutes. Amazon also did say the e-reader device can survive in salt water, a rarity among water-resistant gadgets.

Making the new e-reader water-resistant is in a lot of ways what readers have been praying over the years the company will do to the next versions of the Kindle. The Amazon Kindle rival, Kobo have already integrated waterproofing feature in its e-readers for quite a few years already.

Other Perks

e-reader from Amazon: the New Kindle Oasis
The New Kindle Oasis is said to be the thinnest and lightest e-reader from Amazon. Source: Amazon

There is also more storage for the New Kindle Oasis (8GB instead of 4GB), extra LED backlights, a 7-inch display, which is an inch larger than its predecessor, and the refreshed New Kindle Oasis has a slimmer design at just 194 grams and 3.44mm thick.

The new Kindle will now have an all-aluminium rear, shedding away the little connector on the back. This time, Amazon promised around six weeks of power via the built-in battery.

The original Oasis, by the way, had a built-in battery that promised two weeks of power. The predecessor to the new Oasis Kindle also came with a separate battery cover that is connected to the device via a little port on the rear to give it even longer battery life of seven weeks.

One of the features it is bringing to the new Amazon Kindle Oasis is the adaptive lighting. This feature automatically alters the front light based on the environment, a feature that we first saw on the 2014 edition of Kindle Voyage.

On the software side, Kindle users will benefit from the upgrades: faster page turning and more settings options, including inverted dark mode where the screen is black and the text is white.

Pre-order has been opened today and Amazon will start shipping the e-reader device on October 31. Now cheaper at $250 (8GB), this is down from $290 price tag. The 32GB incarnation will cost $280. The $350 model will feature free cellular connectivity, which allows for downloading books without relying on Wi-Fi.

Do you think the Oasis is the best e-reader you can buy now? Chime in your comments below.


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