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‘I Want an iPhone for My Next Phone’, More Teens Insist – Survey

Who’s excited for the arrival of the new iPhone X?

When Apple unveiled their 10th anniversary iPhone in September, most of the people I asked just issued a meh reaction about the coming smartphone.

Is the iPhone X really the “smartphone of the future” as Apple’s executives boast? Among those I asked, they felt the new iPhone X that comes with 12MP front rear camera, 3D facial recognition sensor, bezel-less design, massive screen and made out of glass, and Animojis is overpriced at $1,000.

Piper Jaffray iPhone
Jaffray: iPhone ownership of 78% is highest we’ve seen with upside remaining as 82% of teens say next phone will be an iPhone. Screenshot: Piper Jaffray

Yet along comes a new survey indicating that teens are more excited about the iPhone than ever. Investment bank Piper Jaffray conducted the “Taking Stock with Teens” to find out what brands are churning out peak interest among teens.

It is tempting to assume like their older counterparts, these young people will share the sentiments of their parents older relatives and those who highly-opinionated folks they listen to or watch on radio and television.

Piper Jaffray spoke with 6,100 teens in the U.S. with an average age of 15.9 years to asked the focal point of their spending and interest. The survey notes: “Next phone purchase intent peaked again for Apple at 82%.

And what’s more, 17% of these tech-savvy teens said they are looking at buying Apple’s smartwatch in the next months. This figure is up from 13% in the spring survey if they will buy an Apple Watch or not.

Take a look at the other interesting takeaways from the survey include some expressions of what pleases, what intrigues and stirs their emotions to certain brands:

  • Adidas dislodged Nike as the brand that impresses the youth sector in the athletic apparel sector.
  • Vans and Supreme are strengthening in the market share.
  • Amazon has become a favorite website among 49% of the teens surveyed, showing that teens are gradually shifting to online.
  • While Snapchat bolstered its social media lead, Instagram impresses when it comes to engagement. Facebook suffers from declining engagement, driven by younger, newly sampled teens not adopting Facebooke.

The next question is, where will these teens get the money to get the gadgets they dig?


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