ChatSauce of Vsionteq

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love ChatSauce

ChatSauce of Vsionteq
ChatSauce all-in-one messaging chat is the latest addition in the burgeoning chat, video and audio calling app.

Currently in beta, ChatSauce is the latest brainchild of the fast-rising mobile app development company Vsionteq based in Singapore.

With the tagline, “Better is here!”, Vsionteq promises to make the all-in-one messaging app the preferred communication app of any tech savvy users.

“ChatSauce is going to revolutionize how we interact with our loved ones, send and receive encrypted messages and call your friends with just a click,” the company said on its ChatSauce website.

Here are seven reasons you why you will fall in love with ChatSauce:

1. Audio Conferencing up to 4 people

With this feature, you can start a group with friends or family members, even with your school mates or basketball teammates up to more than 100 people.

2. HD Voice and Video Call

Why this is good? Your friends, family and relatives from another side of the globe can hear your natural-sounding voice as if you’re just in the same room, instead of across the city, province or country. Another stunning reason why this is good is that there is no delay or blur during HD video call.

To maximize this feature, it will be best to use ChatSauce in HD Voice compatible handsets.

3. Security


ChatSauce encrypt your voice calls and video calls automatically. It employs a 1-1: Strong Authentication.

4. Secret Chat

This allows you to keep your secret conversations hidden from others with its end-to-end encryption feature.

5. Stickers


Send free funny stickers.

6. Newsfeed

Be in the know of the latest news in and around the world for 24/7 with this tool.

7. Tools

Not just a communication app that allows you to talk whenever you want for free with your friends, family, and schoolmates over 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi connection, ChatSauce has a tool that let’s you pin notes of your chat messages.

The desktop version will be up soon.


Vsionteq is the maker of other popular gaming apps like FruitRocker and FruitRocker 2, Gem Rocker, Mini Roco and Word Rocker.

ChatSauce is now available to download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



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