Google Pixel Buds

Google’s Bluetooth Pixel Buds Can Let You Understand 40 Languages in Real-Time

Google Pixel Buds
Google outs a wireless in-ear headphone called Pixel Buds (Source: Google Store).

The launch of an intelligent wireless in-ear headphone that can actually let you understand 40 languages in real-time if you have a Google Pixel phone – the Pixel Buds – has been one of the shining moments during Google’s October 4 event.

To be made available in November this year, Google’s Pixel Buds is pretty much the search giant’s response to Apple’s AirPods. With Pixel Buds, users will have a pair of bluetooth headphones, wired by a cloth cord behind the neck and run Google Assistant.

On the same event, Google unveiled an array of hardware products led by Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets, the search giant’s attack to Apple’s iPhone X and other flagship phones from major brands.

The Pixel Buds (or your personal translator by your side) will cost $159. During the onstage demo – an English/Swedish conversation – Google showed that the in-ear headphones tethered to an Android phone can provide nearly real-time translations after the people finished their sentences.

Unfortunately, there is, however, a catch in order for you to use Pixel Buds’ translation capability. You will need to shell out for Pixel 2.

All Android users can take advantage of the Pixel Buds’ touch control on the right earbud like pausing music and activating Google Assistant. But iPhone users will pretty much just be able to use it as a pair of headphones.

Google Pixel Buds with a charging case (Source: Google Store)

There is a charging case that allows for 24 hours total battery time. It can offer about five hours of listening time on a single charge.

I cannot say just right off the bat how the Pixel Buds will impress once they arrive at market. One question persist: how will the Pixel Buds provide a neat translation when the person using it is situated in a busy street or night market in Thailand.

You can purchase the device in three colors: the Clearly White, Just Black and Kinda Blue.

Google said that it is already accepting pre-order the same day of the launch.


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