Google Store to Open in the Philippines


Here’s a bit of good news for all of you Google fans out there, who’ve been waiting for this to happen. Ready?

Google apparently expanded the list of markets where people can purchase via Google Store. According to Android Police, Google Store has now included the Philippines, along with five new ones Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The websites are not yet live but hopefully very soon they will be. Including the six new markets, Google Store will now be available in 36 countries.

So what does this mean for all those Google fans in the Philippines? Well, Filipinos can now purchase via the search giant’s online store Google’s various hardware products, including the twin Pixel 2 phones, Google Home speaker, the Chromecast and more.

Probably all of Google’s new hardware, but as of this writing, it is not clear yet what products will be sold in those six new countries, including the Philippines. Expanding to the Philippines through Google Store will mean more ca-shing for Google as it can likely sell a lot more Pixel phones, Pixelbook, Pixel Buds and a whole lot more.

This development is very timing following the launch by Google of its various new hardware, including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL early Wednesday, the predecessors to the equally-successful Pixel models unveiled a year ago.

To Filipino Google fans out there, let me know if you are happy that might be able to get the new Pixel handsets directly from Google Store. Feel free to post your remarks in the comments box below.



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