Wish 107.5 Turns 3, Launches Wishcovery Online Singing Talent Search

First off, huge congratulations to Wish 107.5 for reaching your third year in the airwaves! You’ve been a breath of fresh air in the FM radio landscape for a very long time.

During its press briefing for its THREEMENDOUS THANKS celebration on August 31, Wish 107.5 honchos gave us a heads up on what’s forthcoming and what the popular radio station among millennials and netizens has been cooking up.

Here’s what you, wishers, will need to know:

Innovative Talent Search

Wishcovery, which Wish 107.5 will debut on Saturday (September 9) at 9PM, Philippine time, is an online singing competition. When the station says ‘online’ as a platform, take note that it means the Wish FM’s channel on Youtube.

Wishcovery Reactors and Kuya Daniel Razon
Wishcovery Reactors Mr. Jungee Marcelo and Teacher Annie Quintos talk with Wish 107.5 Operations Supervisor Jeck Deocampo and BMPI President and CEO Kuya Daniel Razon.

Wish 107.5 is not new in the Youtube sphere of giving music lovers great dish of musicality and artistry. Wishcovery is definitely one to look forward to in pulling this through successfully. Just consider its track record in paving the way for local artists and OPM to reach foreign audience, avid fanbase and reactors on Youtube.

The aim of this online talent competition is the discovery of the next great Filipino Singing Talents who can land a name for himself or herself in the global music scene.

Scouting for Talent

According to Wish 107.5 VPs for marketing and television Jose Rhonel Eusebio III, it took the Wishcovery Team a full three months to arrive at their Top 20 Wishfuls. The Wishful 20 of the Season 1 of Wishcovery are now moving on the Live Competition that will start on September 9.

The Wishful 20
The Wishful 20: Audrey Ranelyn Malaiba, Daniel Briones, Al Fritz Blanche, Carmela Ariola, Charlene Hernandez, and Chris Noel Bernalde.
The Wishful 20
Other Wishfuls in the running for Season 1’s grand winner are: Danielle Joshua Supnet, Hazel Bartolome, Jenimay Mabini, John Harvey Magos, Diana Tabitha Caro, JM Bales, and Kimberly Baluzo
The Wishful 20
Wishing to earn the grand prize are these other finalists: Kristine Joy Peralta, Louie Ann Culala, Zekiah Jane Miller, Louise Ann Manuel, Lyka B. Boñol, Princess Sevillena and Vien King.

Mr. Eusebio said that thousands of aspiring Wishful talents auditioned in their various on-ground auditions to break into the Top 20 Wishful list. Wish also received thousands of entries among those who submitted their entries online.

Three Reactors

There is Teacher Annie Quintos of The Company, singer, songwriter and hitmaker Jungee Marcelo and King of Philippine R&B Jay-R. The Country’s Prince of R&B Kris Lawrence will be the Wishcovery’s host.

Wishcovery Reactors
Wish reveals who will be the three Wishcovery Season 1 Reactors and the online singing contest’s host, Kris Lawrence.

The Wishcovery Platform

The Wishcovery’s live competition will be held inside the one and only Wish Bus. How will the The Wishful 20 be judged? Since the performances will be held online, Wish 107.5 introduces a new way to measure the Wishful’s popularity through what it calls as ‘power viewing’.

Wish’s operations supervisor John Erick Deocampo explained how this will be done during the press briefing and made us all convinced this will be another proof of the ratio station’s inventiveness.

Mr. Deocampo further explained the first season of Wishcovery will be dedicated to the promotion of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). This means, he explains, will have the Top 20 Wishfuls performing local songs. This is of course, once again, being true to the radio station’s advocacy to bring Filipino artistry and music to the world.


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