Starting Over Again … in Blogging

blogging and coffee
This Blogging life.

Truth be told, I have an on-and-off relationship with blogging. I have put blogging on the side while I focused on other preoccupations in life – work, friends, and family. FOR. LIKE. YEARS. And who doesn’t, right?

In short, I abandoned blogging for quite sometime now. Well, all you’re hearing bloggers complain about the challenges of maintaining and keeping a personal website or blog on your own are true.

But I cannot bask under the same lame excuses that I issue like, “I have no time,” “Oh, I forgot my password,” etc. So I finally decided that I cannot simply let 2017 pass without starting anew.

Thankfully to God, this must be the very time I’ve been waiting for to come!

The Itch

For the longest time, I have been itching to have a blog using a domain name without WordPress or Blogspot. The only excuse I have then is the cost of purchasing all the necessities of blogging.

There were also a lot of questions and things that happened before I finally created this blog space. What do I do with my old blog sites? What if my audience doesn’t like my posts? What if people bash me for issuing a divisive opinion?


I finally surrendered that I can never be reunited with my old blog sites. I cannot and will not please all people. I am entitled to my own opinion in my space but rest assured that I will be responsible and accountable to my statements. ETC. ETC.

If I will wait for all the best things to happen first before I start, I thought it will absolutely be too late. And I realized that time flies fast and if I’ll resist the urge to begin this blog, when then will be the perfect time to start?

Picking Up the Pieces

So to cut the long story short, I picked up my laptop and checked out my domain name order and paid

Then, I consulted with a techie friend to help me get a new lease in the blogosphere. Thankfully, this friend of mine offered to help in configuring my domain name to this WordPress account.

I did figure, I will also need a logo for my blog site, so I PM’d another graphic designer friend for help.

The next step was getting this WordPress account registered.

Lastly, writing this first blog entry!

So here goes RGBORJA.COM, folks!

Hope this page helps you, my would-be readers, whoever you may be, in a lot of positive ways possible. I guess I have a lot of interesting things to share and write too that can spark conversation between you and me.





2 thoughts on “Starting Over Again … in Blogging

  1. Same here. I have thought about letting go of my blogs just cause I don’t know what to do with them anymore. I had to let go of one, kept two (one’s not active, one semi — on my link). Blogging takes a lot of time and planning, but it’s worth it if in keeping it, you help others. So, welcome back and good luck!

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